Thursday, 25 July 2013


This is the third, and final, instalment of the 'Holiday Packing' trilogy! I love packing my carry-on because it's the type of packing which requires the most use of pouches, my favourite things!
For carry on I like to use a big tote bag, that can easily fit everything in it without gaffing about and taking everyone out. This bag is from Fossil, and its design is especially perfect for summer.

In my carry on luggage I always split my items into mini pouches so I can easily organise what goes where, and then can also access it easily. 

First I have my Michael Kors wristlet, which I use as a purse and sometimes to hold my phone as well. I leave my iPad without a pouch, simply because it's too large to have its own pouch! I also have a Ray Bans case for my much-loved Wayfarers, essential for a sunny holiday!

A clear pouch for essentials? Check. Sanitiser, perfume, tissues, lip balm and face wipes, all in one convenient place. Travelling has never been so easy!

I then have a little pouch with the less-essential-essentials, like mascara, blotting sheets, hand wipes, a hair brush and a no-nonsense lip balm!

In this little pouch I keep my phone charger case (an absolute godsend!) and some headphones.

Something that not many people carry, but is a necessity for me, is a little pouch to put all travel documents in. It makes looking for them in the depths of your bag a much less daunting task!

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