Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Holiday Haul

Never has the phrase 'Oops, I did it again' been so fitting before...
It's now official- I am a shopaholic. I did a shop before I went away, not at all expecting to shop when I was away, oh, but I did!
For the past couple of weeks I was away in Jordan and was taken aback by the fact that they stock more American products than I could even dream were sold in the UK. In that case, it's easy to rationalise what I bought, right? (Forgetting about the cheeky duty-free purchases)


Starting right from the beginning, the second I stepped into the departures lounge I rushed to the makeup section, trying on every foundation, blush and eyeshadow I could see around me, but in the end I only bought one item which I've had my eye on for a while. I got the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in the shade '05- Candy Shimmer'. I've had a few weeks to try this and I have to say, it hasn't disappointed- review coming soon!

While browsing the in-flight store on the plane, I was struck by a trio of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour products, for just £20! Granted, some of them are smaller sizes, but with some masterful calculations- yeah, right!- I worked out that it was pretty great value for money. 
In the trio was the original Eight Hour Skin Protectant, Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment and the Lip Treatment, too. My sister has already nabbed the lip treatment- probably for the best, as if I need any more- but I've tried out the other two and I've really been liking them. 
They do have the original formula so it does have that weird smell, but they're such great products that I don't mind overcoming that little barrier. 

In the beauty aisles of the local supermarket, I was amazed to find that they stocked the Sally Hansen lip balms that I've been wanting to try for months. I bought them in the Vita B Lip Moisturizer- Berry flavour and Vita A Lip Line Smoother- Peach flavour, I'll see how well they fare!
I also found the Dove Go Fresh deodorant in the Nectarine & White Ginger scent, which both smells good and does good!

Finally, and most excitingly, are the Bath & Body Works products! I absolutely love this shop and it annoys me to no end that they don't have a branch in the UK, yet they have one in Jordan. As they were imports, the products were quite expensive, but I tried to take advantage of the deals and bought exactly what I've been eyeing up on the website. First I got the Market Peach candle, which smells so incredibly fresh and fruity, I can't wait to burn this but then again I don't want to burn it so much that it finishes! I then got a few of their PocketBac sanitisers in lovely smelling flavours, Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Freshly Picked Apples and Freshly Picked Tangerines- hooray for hygiene!

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