Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Favourites

It's that time again, telling you all about my favourite products of the month!

Now I know everybody is saying/writing this, but I honestly can't believe how quickly the year has gone. Why does the first half of the year always seem to go so much faster than the second half of the year? 
Anyway, all random musings aside, here are my June favourites!

As the so-called "beginning of summer" has arrived, it seems that the longer days have called for more makeup, therefore leading to intense sessions of cleansing during the evening. 
Simple Kind to Eye Nourishing Eye Make-Up Remover Cream- This is honestly such an amazing product, I recommend everyone to go and get this, no matter your skin type. You add a pea-sized drop of this on a cotton pad, rub it in and then hold it over your eyes for about 10 seconds, then voilá your makeup is pretty much gone!

Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths- My sister bought these for me as a little present (how sweet haha!) and I really like them. I know people say that taking your make-up off with a wipe is the worst thing you can do, but I just do it as a primary step, following it with a proper cleanser. These aren't too harsh and smell really nice, leaving my face feeling incredibly refreshed!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream- This hand cream comes in a little bottle that is so easy to just throw in your bag and go, as well as making my hands feel soft but, most importantly, not leaving them greasy!

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel- This gel has just been my saviour this month, in just making sure that my under eyes aren't too puffy and are refreshed, especially when I use them in the mornings.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream- When I wash my face it can feel stripped due to the intense cleaning of all the "bad stuff" and so sometimes I need a lightweight moisturiser to give it a boost.

Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Toilette- I rediscovered this near the end of July as I was rifling through my perfume collection, and just fell in love. It smells so fresh and is such a long-lasting scent which I can definitely see myself wearing for the rest of summer.

Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Reviving Dry Oil- I use this to de-frizz my hair and to retain my hair's shine, as well as making it smells absolutely incredible. 

Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel- Being somebody who is obsessed with hygiene/hand gel, this is the best thing for me to own. A huge bottle on my bedside table, or in the bathroom while I do my makeup, is so useful. It keeps everything squeaky clean and ensure that my hands aren't harbouring much bacteria.
MAC blush 'Gingerly'- This colour is absolutely beauty, a lovely shade that can be built up and worn in the day and the evening. 

Those were my favourites of the month, and I'm sure they'll continue to be used throughout the summer months (if we have any in England!)
Any recommendations? Comment below!
Love, D xx

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