Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clinique 3-Step Skincare

About a year ago I bought the Clinique 3-Step skincare routine, however I hadn't really used it that much. When sorting through my cupboards, I came across it and decided that I should try and use it a lot more.
So, a couple of months ago I began to integrate it into my routine again- all I can say is WOW, I can really see a difference!
I went to my local Clinique counter, where I was greeted with a lovely sales assistant who helped me to identify my skin type, then told me the products that would suit me best. I was told that if I used day and night, every day, this would run out in 3 months but I don't use it so strictly, and it's lasted me a while already.

Step 1- Facial Cleanser
I've never really been a fan of any of Clinique's face soaps/foams, and this didn't really go down well for me either. It may just be because I left it for so long, but it's now become gloopy and not particularly nice to use. Because of this I've stopped using it, but I can't quite bring myself to throw it away, so I may empty it into smaller bottles to take on short trips. 

Step 2- Clarifying Lotion
This product is amazing! I pop it onto a cotton pad after cleansing, and wipe it all over my face just to get rid of any thing that may not have been washed off, as well as serving as a great product just to generally make my face feel that little bit more pampered. It can sometimes make my eyes sting a little if I apply it close to my under eyes, but I do have very sensitive eyes so I don't see this as a huge problem to meI absolutely love this and will definitely pick up another bottle when it runs out!

Step 3- Moisturiser
Sorry for the blurry picture!
Because of my sometimes oily skin type, I was reluctant at first to even use moisturiser. However, the sales assistant told me to buy the moisturising gel as opposed to the lotion, being much lighter. After using the clarifying lotion, my skin can feel a little stripped and dry (something I'm not used to!) but using this is just amazing. It makes my skin really feel moisturised and softer, even after waking up in the morning!
I know the 3-Step Skincare hasn't worked for a lot of people but I really do feel like the moisturiser in particular has helped so much. Even though I'm in my teens, my skin feels plumper after use (I didn't even know I lost any elasticity!).
If you have any doubt go to your local Clinique counter and let them tailor a routine to suit you!


  1. I've never really tried Clinique products, but they sound amazing! Thanks for the review.

    xo Molly

    1. You should definitely check them out, they can be quite pricey but I definitely think they're worth it! Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Most of Clinique’s skin care line products are designed for people with oily/combination skin.
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines