Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Favourites

This is the first of (hopefully) many more favourites of the month.

Now that the weather has really started to get better I've been experimenting with more of my make up, some face products to be precise, and just trying more things out!

Rose Diamond from Dior
When I first saw this on a YouTube video, I knew it was something that I had to have. I went searching for it in a combination of at least 5 different Boots/department stores with no luck, but finally as I was trailing through House of Fraser I went to the Dior counted and found the LAST one. 
After looking for it for so long, I really didn't want to be disappointed- I definitely was not. 
What's so special about this palette is that it has 3 different pink-y shades for blusher and then one small highlighter strip, so really it's just perfect to travel with, to take in your bag or just for a lovely day in the sun. As always with Dior, the packaging is just divine and I really cannot fault it, however the one thing I would have liked was for it to be a bit stronger, in terms of application. I found myself needing to get a few good sweeps before seeing a difference.

Pot Rouge in 'Rose' from Bobbi Brown
In the winter I really wasn't brave enough for red lips but now I'm trying to be a bit bolder. This is perfect for me, as I feel as though I can really control how strong it comes out, in a buildable formulation. This doubles as a lip AND cheek product, how much better could it get?! I find it to be much better that Benefit's 'Benetint', without leaving a weird taste nor a weird look afterwards- it's much more controllable. 

Metallic Nails
This month I have really loved wearing metallic nails, as I feel like a nude colour gone metallic can make all the difference to a boring day sitting at home. 
I've been using:
'Sea Mist' by Topshop
Gold by Sephora (I'm not sure of its exact name, sorry!)
'Smog' by Urban Decay (darker colour)
'Toasted' by Urban Decay (lighter colour)

Victoria's Secret PINK scents
It was only when beginning to write this that I realised my two scent products are from PINK, but to be honest I'm not really surprised- they have had the best combination of scents over the years, never failing to amaze me!

'Fresh & Clean' body mist

This scent, with apple and lily, just makes me happy inside! It really does make me feel fresh and clean, making me think of summer and hot days :)

'Hope' perfume
I think this has been discontinued, as I bought it quite a few years ago, but I have to include it anyway because it does essentially the same as the body mist- reminds me of summer. This is more long-lasting and will stay put all day!


I hope you liked hearing about my favourites, I'd love to hear about what you've loved this month so comment down below :)
Love, D x

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