Friday, 10 May 2013


My birthday was on the 30th April so I was lucky enough to receive presents from my friends and family, so I'd love to share it with you (however many of you there are!), since I really love reading/watching this kind of thing!

So, I hope you enjoy :)


*screams again*
*cries of joy*
Yes, for my birthday my parents bought me this wristlet! I'm so happy I can't even believe it, I've been wanting this so ages so I can't describe how lovely it was to receive a present like this!

 My mum knows just how obsessed I am with all things bath and body, so how could she not buy me such a cute travel-sized set, with a body lotion, hand cream and shower gel, all put together in a travel bag? I think this will be so useful for going away and I'm really excited to start using it!

Once again, my mum knows how much I love Benefit's skincare products (almost as much as their makeup!) so she bought me the mini try-me sizes of their skincare range, as well as a full sized bottle of the 'Moisture Prep' toning lotion! I literally look forward to the nightie when I can do my whole skincare routine!

My best friend had heard me talking about something that I wanted from December and before, and you can imagine how touched I was to find that she had remembered and bought it for me!

NAKED 2! I'm so excited to start using this, it's so just beautiful I don't want to ruin it! The brush is so soft and the colours are really pigmented, with just a soft swipe of the finger I can tell that the colour pay-off is incredible!

Some of my friends grouped together to invest in a gift that they knew I would love. Everybody and their mothers know that I have a perfume obsession. Perfumes are amazing! I can't stop myself buying them!

So they bought me the new Chanel perfume, Chance! It smells gorgeous, I can't wait to wear it everywhere, I'm sure it'll be perfect for summer (and every other season as well). 

Last (but most definitely not least!) I went with my family to see Wicked in the West End! It was such a lovely evening and since then I haven't stopped singing the songs, it 
was that great of a production!

 Overall, I had such a wonderful day spent with both friends and family and I cannot express how grateful I am! 
Love, D x

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