Thursday, 2 May 2013


Since I've started to use make up more, I've come to love (and hate) lots of products, but I'll get to the "hate" ones in good time! This will show you all of the products that I love to use.

Let's get started!

I first started to use make up with the Benefit set "How to Look the Best at Everything" and what can I say...since then I have just loved Benefit and everything they have!
PORE-fessional- Amazingly silky and smooth, keeps make up on all day long (LITERALLY)
Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW- This is honestly my favourite foundation. EVER. It feels light on your face so you don't feel as if you've just put anything on, yet it makes my skin look incredible!
Boi-ing concealer- This is really a heavy duty concealer, it works incredibly especially for under-eye dark circles and it just works so well!
Hello Flawless powder- For me, this stays on all day (WITH a primer) and it just makes my face look matte, something which I definitely need!
For months I had heard about the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil, but never did I get a chance to try it! Finally, while I was away, I managed to get my hands on it in the shade '617- Iced Mocha' and let me just say- I never expected myself to love something like this so much!
It glides on so easily and all you need is to perhaps mix it in with your fingers or a brush, to take the edge off. I could not recommend this more!

Now, I don't really own much from MAC, personally I don't find it to be that great for my skin but I give a few products a go. I have to say, that the MAC blush in the shadow 'Gingerly' has really taken me aback, it's such a gorgeous shade and is not sheer at all, a little really does go a long way! While it's quite an expensive product, I really think that it is worth it, as the quality of the product is just so high. 

A newfound love of Maybelline has come just in time, I have found 2 of my favourite products from there! The first, is their Gel Eyeliner in Black. I have to admit, I really do suck when it comes to liquid eyeliner so I was a bit sceptical to try gel eyeliner, but after the first application I was no longer sceptical! It makes applying eyeliner not only easy, but also really look great. The formulation of this gel eyeliner, combined with the brush just gives your eyes a really lovely pop!

The second of the products is really just amazing, it has blown me away. It's 'the Rocket Volum' Expres''. One word: WOW. The brush makes my eyelashes elongated and separates them- no clumps! As well as the actual product, I really do love the packaging, it just stood out to me in the store. 

This is possibly, my all-time favourite nail polish. Like, ever. That's right, no surprises there, it's OPI. But really, I'm not just following the crowd, I really do love the formula of OPI nail polishes as well as their brushes. This colour is 'Dulce de Leche' and it just takes my breath away, it is such a gorgeous colour and I don't think I could ever get sick of it!

A few months back, while I was in America, I went to Sephora (and went crazy!). However, I didn't want to buy so much, as I don't cake my face with makeup every day. Instead, I opted for buying minis and sets of the products I wanted to try, so I could test them before buying. I had heard a lot about Smashbox before, but at the time it was hard to find in the UK and I wasn't so desperate to find it that I'd order online. There was so much to choose from in the Sephora stand so instead I just picked this pack up- and oh how happy I am that I did!
Photo Finish Foundation Primer: When I bought this I didn't possibly think that I could top  PORE-fressional as a primer- boy, was I wrong! I use this if I'm going out all day or for an evening out, just for that extra security to keep my make up on.
Photo Finish Lid Primer: This stuff is amazing, put it on and your eyeshadow will NOT budge. As soon as you put it on, not after a while, it will just keep your eyeshadow stuck.
Limitless Eye Liner: The most powerfully strong and long lasting eyeliner I've ever used, I only really use black eyeliner and I have used quite a few, but this has to be the best that I've ever used.
(I skipped out the other 2 products because to be honest, I can't put them in my favourites, you'll probably see them pop up later on this blog)

This will no doubt be a surprise to anybody, because I am yet to find somebody who doesn't like this. Yes, it's the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I literally have nothing bad to say about it, the colours are perfect for my skin tone, I don't wear brighter colours so this is perfect for me. It's so highly pigmented and in fact it does stay on for a substantial amount of time without even putting a primer underneath. The brush that comes with it is so soft and is easy to clean. With the Naked Palette, I just don't need anything else, these are the only eyeshadows I have in my collection.

Now this favourite is quite a triumphant one, having looked for it for MONTHS across England and America alike, so when I spotted this luxurious blue at the back of the Essie stand in Macy's, I just had to take it. This is 'Bikini So Teeny' by Essie and I can't even describe how much I love it- the colour, the bottle and the brush, all just so perfect and I just cannot wait for summer so I can wear it all day err'day!

So what are your favourites/recommendations? I'd love to know, so comment below! (That rhymes hehe)
Love, D x

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