Friday, 29 August 2014

Max Factor CC Sticks

Max Factor CC Sticks in 'Green' and 'Yellow' - £9.99
For me lately my base makeup has been less about concealing by using just flesh coloured foundation and concealer but more about correction. It may seem like a strange concept to use green and yellow coloured things on my face but I promise that with enough blending you wouldn't have been able to tell I had anything on my face - although you might be wondering where my under eye circles/redness has gone…

Enter the Max Factor CC Sticks. After I got over the initial shock of seeing a stand of purple, green and yellow sticks I then decided what concerns I wanted to address - Green for redness, particularly around my nose, as well as Yellow, to correct under eye circles. 

I apply these pre-foundation onto my bare skin and I must admit, it's a little scary at first to see green and yellow streaks on my face. The consistency of the sticks is quite thick which means the preferred application method is to apply a bit then blend - for reference I prefer to use a mixture of my fingers and the Real Techniques Setting Brush - then apply a bit more and blend again, until I've reach the desired level of correction.

Out of the two the green's colour is a lot more prominent and takes some more work to blend into the skin seamlessly and make sure that it's all gone. Without the extra blending I find that my skin can be tinged slightly green so that's definitely something to bear in mind. For that reason I'm more reluctant to use the green stick unless I have time to get ready, it's not really a product to use when you're low on time.

On the other hand the yellow stick is really great on no makeup days where all I want is to get rid of my dark circles. Again it takes a bit of effort to blend it but it's not as obvious as the green stick, since the yellow tinge give it a lovely brightened look. It doesn't crease under my eyes unless I'm heavy handed with the application (which isn't hard to do, given its thick texture).

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the Max Factor CC Sticks however I'd consider them to be pretty pricey, at just under a tenner. If you really wanted to try them I'd recommend the shade Yellow the most but if redness is a problem then Green would probably be the way forward. If you're lucky you might catch them on a 3 for 2 offer and stock up on some other favourites while you're at it!


  1. This sounds like an interesting concept. I think maybelline has something like this so I may try that out.

  2. These seem interesting, need to pick these up!