Friday, 31 January 2014

This Works Dream Team

This Works Dream Team - no longer available
I picked this little duo up from Boots before Christmas for just £10, so I could sample my first This Works products. With a stressful few months ahead, this is exactly what I've been looking for- good sleep in a couple of bottles. 

The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (5ml) is quite a strong scent, so it's not one to spray directly before you're about to sleep. I prefer to spritz it lightly over my pillows and let it diffuse for a bit, so I don't end up heavily inhaling it as I sleep. It smells really relaxing and as soon as my head hits the pillow I instantly start to drift. 

However, the Deep Sleep Stress Less (5ml) rollerball is something that I use a lot more often, whether it's when I'm tackling a particularly challenging essay or if I'm trying to fall asleep. The smell isn't quite so overpowering but is concentrated enough for you to smell, enough to help you relax!

If I had to buy one of the two again, it would be the rollerball, as it's not quite so strong yet still relaxing. Unfortunately, this exact set isn't available any more but a similar (yet more expensive) version can be bought here with a full size Pillow Spray but the same miniature Stress Less rollerball. 

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