Thursday, 23 January 2014

Concealers: Budget vs. High-End

Make Up Forever Full Cover - £22.95 and Collection Lasting Perfection - £4.19
My concealer collection is small but practical, to ensure that I get the coverage I need. However, from that small collection I only own 1 from the drugstore, the cult Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. 

Today, I'm putting it to the test against the Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer, to see whether it's worth splashing the cash for concealers or if it's better to save your pennies and go for the cheaper option.

Collection Lasting Perfection in 'Light' - link

At just over £4, I just needed myself to like this- think of all the money I would save! And it's not that I don't like it, because I really do, but the little niggles that I have with it is that is sinks into my pores and creases a little under my eyes.
The pore issue isn't such a big problem when I'm wearing a primer like The POREfessional, but if I just want to wear simple makeup going to the supermarket, I don't want to be faffing around with primers.
The problem with the under eye creasing is that if I need a lot of coverage (late night Netflix sessions are to be blamed) then it will crease when I apply more. When I just need a little pick-me-up, I can count on this to brighten my under eyes.
In terms of spots, the coverage is quite good but I didn't find it to be that buildable without getting cakey. 

Make Up Forever Full Cover in '5' - link
This can be bought in-store in the US and France, to my knowledge, but the link above is a UK seller. It is sold as a full coverage, waterproof concealer that can cover scars, hyperpigmentation and even tattoos. Now I don't have any tattoos to test this claim but I have plenty of scars!
It is the type of concealer that has to be built up, which takes a little longer but if you have scarring from old spots like I do, it's definitely worth it!
The way I use it is by applying it after primer but before foundation, then if I need any more coverage after foundation I can add some more. I've found that the best application method is to dab it on with my fingers then blend it in with a concealer brush. 
It has a matte finish and lasts for ages, as well as not being too drying so it can be used under eyes, too. It can crease a little under the eyes but when foundation is applied over it, this doesn't happen. 

The verdict? My purse hates me for this, but I think that the high-end option really is worth it. The £20+ that it costs really is worth it, because only a little is needed to get the best results. I've suffered from very dark scars and spots which really get me down, but this doesn't look cakey if blended well and covers up any imperfections.
However, the budget concealer is a strong competitor and, for the price, I'm not complaining! I would repurchase it, but for those days where I don't need as much coverage.

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