Saturday, 11 January 2014

Favourite British Designer: Matthew Williamson

LFW SS'14 Show
This may seem like a strange post to be reading on Beauty for the Beauty but a little known fact is that I actually love fashion. Open up my cupboard and everything will come spilling out, it's that full. 

Today I'm posting as part of a competition for BLOGGERS[edit] (link) for the exciting opportunity to win entry to London Fashion Weekend, an event I've always wanted to attend.

My favourite British designer has got to be Matthew Williamson, his clothes are just gorgeous. Yes, it may be an expensive clothing line, but that doesn't stop me from ogling at the beautiful designs when I have so many other things to do!

He is originally from Manchester and then attended Central Saint Martins College in London but I think his clothes reflect the glamour and style of Paris. With titles such as Red Carpet Designer of the Year and Elle Designer of the Year he has a very impressive resume on the paper, but does he live up to that on the catwalk? Well, the answer is yes. 

His clothes are so chic and elegant but so wearable (if your purse will stretch far enough to buy one of his pieces!). Every catwalk show he puts on is bound to make you stare in awe at his beautiful designs, every one of them special in their own way.

In an interview he spoke about his clothes and said:

"My collections are known for their print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. The designs encapsulate a bohemian spirit and a laid back sense of glamour."
Source - link
I love this b-e-a-utiful jumpsuit, with a bold yet simple design, and I love how it's paired with white heels- this is definitely something that I would wear. I'm incredibly tall, almost 6ft in fact, and it's so hard to find things to wear that aren't too short but still quite dressy, so jumpsuits are the way forward.
Embroidered Sweatshirt - link
I have a few picks from the website, too, some really gorgeous pieces. This ombre teal jumper with intricate embroidering on the front would look amazing paired with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. It looks like it would be really comfortable and something that could be worn every day, not just on special occasions.
Winter Garden Organza Oversized Top - link
Getting into more Spring/Summer appropriate clothes, this oversized boxy fit shirt would look so chic with a pair of black skinny jeans, perhaps even wet look jeans. It could easily be worn as either a day outfit or a quick change of accessories and a darker lip could transform it into an evening outfit.
Winter Garden Organza Embroidered Skirt - link
Now for the item that I wish I could pull off but I know I could never in a million years make this work for me, and if I could it would be one single outfit, leaving this in the back of my wardrobe for months on end. Why can't my life be like Gossip Girl where they have an event to go to every weekend? Paired with a plain top and some matching heels, then you have yourself an amazing spring outfit.
Marais Oversize Tote - link
I can't write a fashion post without mentioning a bag, things I've been hoarding since I was about 5. This oversized tote bag is big enough to carry all of the junk that you probably don't need but you still put in just in case. The colours aren't boring but you wouldn't find them clashing with every outfit.

So, those were my picks- does anyone want to donate a few thousand grand to fund my Matthew Williamson obsession? The good new is, that for those of us on a budget like myself, Matthew Williamson designs a more affordable line for Debenhams which can be found here, currently on sale. Oh Matthew, you know just what to do. 

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  1. Really inspiring, our is Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney...Mathew is always so fresh!
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  2. Great post! As you clearly love fashion, why not enter our Van Mildert Blogger Competition? You can win a £100 voucher for simply posting an outfit on your blog!

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