Thursday, 12 December 2013

Benefit Hydra-Smooth

ASOS is a dangerous place. I was just browsing the website, looking for some inspiration, and before I knew it I was entering my card details for this little bad boy, the Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour. 

I've been wanting to try these lipsticks out since they came out but I just didn't feel like I should spend £15 on a lipstick when I don't really wear them that much, but I had a 20% off code and the rest is history!

Now, it was a bit risky as I hadn't swatched this particular shade before but after a bit of scouring through some blogs, I came to the conclusion that 'Lip Service' was the shade for me. It is described as a pink-peach and as being one of their Sheer Coverage lipsticks, which is perfect for me as somebody who isn't very bold in my lip colour choices!

The lasting power isn't great, but that's the sacrifice for a formula which doesn't dry out the lips. I love this as an everyday lip colour, but it can be made a bit more bold with the help of Cha Cha Tint or Benefit.

The slight disappointment is practicality of the packaging, although absolutely gorgeous! I do love the style of the container and it looks lovely on my shelf, but the lid can fall off very easily if not clipped on properly. Also, upon application the top of it can get a little messy so it has to be wiped with a tissue or a cotton bud.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Benefit's lipstick offering! A beautiful handbag companion that can just as equally be used for nights out, I'd love to pick up more shades. 

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  1. I quite like the packaging, bizarrely enough - but I do think it's quite expensive for a Benefit lipstick, so the shades need to be absolute stunners for me to get one, when there are so many excellent offers from Rimmel and Bourjois right now :o). Xx