Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Le Blanc de Chanel

Le Blanc de Chanel - £31
I found this little gem while poking around through my mum's makeup stash a while ago and she offered to let me keep it- thanks, mum! At first I wasn't completely sure as to what it was, I just knew it smelt like what makeup used to smell like- one whiff and I was taken back to my childhood- and I was meant to put it on my face. After a bit of research I finally came to the conclusion that it was a primer/highlighter hybrid.

I like the packaging from an aesthetic point of view as it's sleek and looks lovely in my collection, however it's quite impractical. The opening is very wide, and accident-prone me will probably spill it sometime in the near future. My mum tossed away the spatula that came with it a while ago so I have to tip it onto the back on my hand.

I apply it before foundation, giving a certain level of luminosity to my skin, without looking like I've just been dunked in a pile of glitter. It's a very thin liquid but a little goes a long way, making the price tag a bit easier to stomach. I absolutely love the finish this gives my skin, as well as making my foundation last that little bit longer.

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  1. Sounds great for giving the skin some glow during these dull dry months.