Saturday, 28 June 2014

Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight

Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight - £14.95
In my efforts to have straight and sleek locks, I have tried my fair share of lotions and potions but when browsing the Escentual website (a dangerous place) I came across the Straight Sexy Hair Power Straight balm. I've heard some good things about the brand Sexy Hair and so was intrigued to find out more, and off into my basket it went!

I have to be honest, the first time I tried it I wasn't overly impressed. My hair wasn't much less frizzy and it certainly wasn't straight, so I was left rather disappointed. Nevertheless, the next time I washed my hair I tried it again and with a bit of online help, I figured out how to make it work a bit better.

First things first, don't expect this to be a miracle product which instantly straightens and de-frizzes your hair when you put it on. It's definitely not that. I found that rather than leaving my hair to dry, and letting it do its thing, I had to attempt to blow dry it straight (something I've never managed to master the art of). When I tried that, I noticed that my tresses were more wavy rather than curly - I put that down to my bad blow drying skills - but also a bit less poofy. 

I follow up by straightening my hair to ensure a sleek finish and I've found that this really prolongs the length of that style. On top of that, it makes my hair a lot shinier and softer, which is great! An added bonus is that fact that it smells fruity and delicious upon application but the smell fades pretty quickly. 

I would recommend this if you want a blow dry balm to help tame hair, otherwise it works quite well as a serum/oil. At just under £15, it's not the cheapest you can buy but I think that it's worth it, due to the amazing softness it gives my hair!

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