Friday, 4 April 2014

Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix

Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix - £10.25
While shopping in my local supermarket I managed to somehow end up with this little gem in my basket, snapping it up for only 50p when it retails for over a tenner! The question is, would I pay the full £10.25 for it?

I use this at night to give my legs a moisture boost, leaving them soft and smooth come morning. It has a sweet smell and does not have too thick of a consistency, meaning it sinks in relatively quickly! It contains aquaxyl, an innovative ingredient which claims to provide 24 hour moisture and shine, which to be honest I'm not really convinced of. I've also found that it seems to be running out at quite a fast rate, it doesn't seem like it would last that long.

Yes, it's a moisturising product and I enjoy using it but I'm not sure whether it's worth it to pay over £10 for something that is only aimed for use on the legs. Had I not found it for 50p I wouldn't have even considered buying it and so I won't be repurchasing once I run out as I'm sure I have others that would work just as well.

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