Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream* - £6.69
I'll admit that this is not the most glamorous of all the posts but with summer on the horizon, this is an essential topic. Prepare yourselves ladies; it's time to talk about hair removal. I'm cursed with thick hair all over my body (that's Arab blood for ya) and with summer a.k.a bare legs season coming soon, I would usually find myself reluctantly booking a waxing appointment at my local salon. Enter the Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream*. 

I've tried hair removal creams before, namely Veet (which smells horrible FYI) but this has shone brightly ahead of the others. The smell isn't too bad, not at all as chemically as the others, and for something which removes hair, there is absolutely no pain!

The way it works is that you put an even layer on whichever part you're targeting - my chosen limbs were my legs, but it claims to be gentle enough to use under your arms or even in the nether regions! You are then meant to leave it for a couple of minutes and occupy yourself with something else, like putting on a quick face/hair mask before you enter the shower.

Now, the kind of tricky part to this was that although you can have it already applied when you go in the shower, you have to try and keep it out of the water as much as possible. If you can skilfully manoeuvre your body in that way (it was difficult, I'll tell you that) then you just need to wait a few more minutes then use the spatula to scrape it off. 

The spatula seems like it would be painful but fear not, it heeds no pain at all, just hairless skin! The great thing about this formula is that it works to actively moisturise your skin, despite being a hair removal method. With an impressive ingredients list containing Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter there is no doubt that it has such moisturising properties. 

One of my biggest issues with it was that it creates such a mess, clogging up the drain with the thick and creamy texture. Also, while it says that you should not exceed 10 minutes, I personally found that 10 minutes wasn't enough and it needed a bit more time to work. Rather than wasting water by standing in the shower for ages, I just apply it earlier before my shower, giving it more time to do its magic.

With a huge 200ml bottle for just under £7, you definitely get your value for money with this painless hair removal method. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who wants a fast yet effective method of removing hair, without having to sacrifice the pleasure of smooth legs!

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  1. I've never tried a product like this before and now I'm intrigued!