Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Lust List #2

It seems odd that my last 'The Lust List' was in May when all I do is browse online, looking for my next purchases! If I'm honest, generally my 'The Lust List' is a list of products which I want to get, and I would like to try but around half of them are products that will probably have to stay as an image on the list, rather than as an actual item I own!
These are my 5 most-wanted items as of this minute (I say minute because I am prone to changing/adding more items to the list as time goes on!). 

1- Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter- I've heard so much about these but I've never tried them. Every time I go to Boots the testers are broken/melted and so I've never had the chance to find a colour I really like, however they seem like my cup of tea- moisturising but with a hint of colour.

2- Moroccanoil Frizz Control- I'm always on the hunt for that perfect frizz controlling product, so far I've found things that work really well, but they don't go all the way. Morocccanoil, famed for their original treatment, seems like a brand which could possibly offer that kind of product for me.

3- Benefit Whole Lotta Lovin'!- I know, I know, do I really need any more Benefit? My head (and bank account!) say no but my heart cries 'YES!'. It has a mini They're Real, three eyeshadows, a mini Hoola, a mini cream eyeshadow and a mini Boi-ing. This is just £25- yes, you read that right!- and there's many-a 10% off sale, which is made even more tempting by the fact that I have a 10% off voucher too. Somebody keep me away from Debenhams.

4- REN Clearcalm3 Clay Cleanser- My Origins Clear Improvement Mask is dangerously close to finishing and I wanted to try a new clay-based product. From reviews I've read this REN offering seems to be great so I'll have to go and have a look in Space.NK.

5- Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub- I bought a body scrub this summer from Sabon, in Italy, but it seems to have migrated to my parent's bathroom. Mum, Dad- I see you. I really want to try this, smelling amazing and supposedly doing amazing too! Side note: You can always count on Soap & Glory for their punny names- The Breakfast Club fans, anyone?

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  1. I have that REN cleanser and it is by far my favorite cleanser ever.