Saturday, 16 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection: Week 3- Favourite Clothes Shop

This is my second instalment of #BritishBloggerSelection, if you want to learn more about it read this post. The category this week is 'Favourite Clothes Shop' and it was a toughie! I buy from so many different shops so it was difficult to choose, but my overall victor is ASOS!

I love the variety of brands, with a wide price range, that they offer (as well as beauty and skincare). They have amazing sales all year round, especially pre-summer and post-Christmas! Also, if you sign up for ASOS Premium for just under £10 you get a year of free next-day delivery and regular ASOS magazines. 
Here are just a couple of my favourite pieces in the sale, I know there are only two but I love these pieces!

I know it's winter but the length of this dress makes up for that, right? Or it can at least be saved for the spring! It can be found here, in the sale.

I love this t-shirt, it's so bold but not too flashy in the flesh. You could pair it with some jeans or even with a skirt, both looks would work fine. You can also find it in the sale, here.


  1. Asos is probably my favourite clothing store too. Asos premier is fab! X

  2. Asos is amazing :)

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