Friday, 25 October 2013

Mad for Soap & Glory!

 Soap & Glory is a brand which, in the UK, is exclusive to Boots and in the US there's a limited line of products in Sephora. Famous for their amazing packaging and even better product quality. I've only really delved in body care, but these a mini reviews of the products I've tried!

L-R, The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me
 First up if my favourite shower gel, Clean on Me both moisturising and clarifying, it does the job and it does it well! It smells absolutely incredible, and is really thick and creamy. While it's relatively expensive, at £10.50, the bottle is huge and has lasted me for a good few months. 
Next is the matching body butter, The Righteous Butter, which smells the same (still as good) and absorbs so quickly, while managing to moisturise so well. I love to apply this to my arms and legs, where the moisture seems to get zapped out so quickly!

L-R, Hand Food, Heel Genius
Then I have the Heel Genius intensive foot cream, working really great when I slick it on and pop some socks on over it, letting it work its magic while I sleep. 
I always have Hand Food in my bag, because it's an easy way for quick moisturisation on the go. It's truly not greasy at all, making it easy to continue doing what you need to even after putting it on. 

Lastly I have the more "miscellaneous" of the products. Hand Maid is just like any hand sanitiser, but the smell is just amazing. I probably wouldn't repurchase, but only because of the million and one other sanitisers I have lying about!
Off Your Face was a bit of a random purchase, a gift from my sister while I was revising and she was out shopping. Despite the misleading name, they don't actually remove makeup (I wish I had realised that before I tried- ouch!). They're actually very rough, meant to be more exfoliating rather than gentle cleanse, so I would probably take them while I travelled as an alternative to an exfoliator.

Now for the makeup and skincare!

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  1. So many good S&g products! Thanks for the mini reviews