Saturday, 12 October 2013

Benefit 'Love me b.right'

 I have loved Benefit's b.right skincare range for a good few months now, and during a dangerous 10% off sale I decided to nab some goodies!

I think they were released with the intention of being bought as Christmas presents but I couldn't resist, the packaging was just so enticing. The products all came in a lovely and big collector's tin (which all of my samples currently reside in) very typical of Benefit's creative designs!
Onto the actual products inside, the set came with the following products:
  • Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (50.3ml £20.50)
  • It's Potent Eye Cream (14.2g £24.50)
  • Total Moisture Facial Cream (sample size- 8.6g £4.90)
  • The POREfessional (sample size- 7.5ml £8.35)
With a total value of over £58, despite only having paid £36 for 2 full sized products and 2 sample products (as well as receiving another sample of The POREfessional with my order!) it is most definitely great value for money!

As somebody with oily skin (as I'm sure the regular readers know by now!) I've been looking for a lightweight moisturiser. Having used samples of the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion before, I knew that it would be the right product for me- oil free, SPF 15 and PA +++!
Then came It's Potent Eye Cream, to be honest I can't remember whether I liked this or not, but either way I'm excited to (re)try it, as it's meant to really help to battle dark circles.
While it's formulated for all skin types rather than oily skin in particular, I do like the Total Moisture Facial Cream and even more, I love the little pots they come in!
Finally is The POREfessional, which I have about 5 samples of right now. I have never purchased it yet at the same time I've never run out of it- oh the joys of free samples!

Overall this is a great set both to receive or to get, as the Benefit b.right skincare range is such a great one. It has beautiful packaging- to make your cabinet look nice- and the smell is just incredible, it's so refreshing and makes my face smell so lovely after I use it!


  1. I really liked the eye cream and the poredessional! That tin is adorable.

    1. I know! It's currently on my desk with a bunch of samples inside. I've been using the eye cream for a couple of days and find it to be really refreshing :)

  2. Ahhh I love benefit. The packing is amazing, they kind of remind me of soap and glory products (???) haha. The porefessional looks luuurvley. Oh the joys of free samples...i see what you mean. i love them too :)


    1. I get what you mean about the S&G packaging, it's all very colourful and fun!

  3. Oh the sales are just too tempting. I have only ever tried They're Real mascara but everything else looks lovely. Keep us updated on the eye cream, I'm intrigued to see if it actually helps undereye circles! :)

    Kathryn x

    1. I definitely recommend Benefit as a brand, they never fail to impress me! I definitely will do, review coming once I've formed an opinion on it! x