Monday, 17 February 2014

Wantable. Beauty Box

I have to be honest, I've never delved into the world of beauty boxes before, making me all the more excited to try Wantable.'s offering! They're based in the US but they now offer international shipping with a shipping charge of only about £4. Like the other beauty boxes each box contains 5 products, but the best part is that they're customised to your taste and they're all full sized products. Upon signing up, you can choose whether you want a Beauty, Accessories or Intimates box. I, being the addict that I am, chose the beauty option and proceeded to customise my box. 

My final choices were: 

Love- blush, lashes, eyeshadow and tools 
Like- brows, eyeliner, lip colour, complexion products, nail polish and bronzer 
Dislike- highlighter
and I got 3 of my loves and 2 of my likes - a pretty successful box, I would say and I have to say, being greeted by 'Hello, Knockout!' was a pretty nice touch!

 GlamNatural Creme Blush in 'You Make Me Blush'* - $32 (About £19)
The first thing I noticed about this was that it is insanely pigmented. You literally only need a tiny bit and blend it (quite quickly mind you, it could be prone to staining) and voilà- you're left with rosy cheeks. The whole philosophy of GlamNatural is that their products contain no water, leaving you with a really concentrated pigment. It's very long lasting and can look really beautiful, provided you haven't been too heavy handed with it. You can see from the swatch above just how pigmented it is, so you need to be careful with application.

Be A Bombshell Eyeliner in 'Espresso'* - $14 (Around £8)
I've never tried brown liquid liner before but upon trying this I've been really impressed - the fact that it comes out at a soft colour, rather than insanely pigmented, turns out to be an actual positive for it, making an eye look seem not so intense as black may look. Although it seems watery to apply, the second after I swatched in on my hand it wouldn't rub off. It wouldn't even budge! I had to use makeup remover and then it came off with ease, but it's pretty smudge proof which is definitely a plus for me (I have the tendency to rub my eyes. A lot.).

Golden Rose Sexy Black Mascara* - $12.99 (Around £7)
I love trying out new mascaras so this was the perfect thing to receive, particularly because of its differently shaped wand! I've never been particularly adventurous with wand types so I'll give this a go, but I can say that on first impressions it's quite volumising. 

Michael Marcus Prime Brush* - $38 (Around £23)
I have to be honest and say that I'm kind of over these kind of pointed brushes, I much prefer stippling brushes/sponges/my fingers, as I find them to be a lot less streaky. That's not to say that I won't be giving this a good go, perhaps it could be one for concealer in those hard-to-get-to areas.

FACE STOCKHOLM Nail Polish in 'Want-A-Blue' (Exclusive to Wantable.)* - $12 (Around £7)
First off I need to give serious kudos to whoever chose this colour as it's just a truly beautiful periwinkle blue - thinking Essie Bikini So Teeny without the shimmer. On top of the amazing colour, the formula is so creamy and an opaque paint job can be achieved in as little as 2 coats. I've been sporting it on my nails ever since I got it and I'm yet to spot a single chip (note: I am wearing a top coat) and its thin brush made application so easy! I think this is love. 

Sorme Treat & Tint Skin Perfecting BB Cream in 'Light Honey'*
I was lucky enough to get an extra mini sample in my box which I'm excited to try out, however I hope I don't fall in love with it as it's quite hard to track down!

Overall I'm really impressed with my Wantable. box, with a value of well over $50 when it's sold at $38/$40 depending on which subscription you decide to get. If you're looking for a beauty box which is truly worth the money, I can wholeheartedly say that Wantable. is the one for you. You get full sized products and products that are suited to what you want, not just what is available to the company, which is something that I haven't seen before. 

If you want to have a look at their website or even sign up for a box, go check them out here!


  1. That was a great beauty box! And very impressive, too

    Cristina |

  2. This is Lindsey from Wantable! We're so happy to hear that you loved your makeup box. Hope you enjoyed your first beauty box experience!

    Cristina - We hope you give us a try, too! :)

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