Monday, 17 February 2014

Nuxe Pamper Hamper

While the beauty and fashion trends are all leading towards the start of Spring, here in England we are still feeling the cold. No snow as of yet but I am definitely feeling the full force of the rain and the wind. Cue: skincare to the rescue. All I have tried from Nuxe is the much hyped up Rêve de Miel (review here) lip balm but the rest of their range just seems so luxurious and inviting. The temptation is drawing me in but I must resist. Back to the main topic of this post, the lovely people at Nuxe are holding a 'Pamper Hamper' competition to make a list of products to get you geared up and ready for Spring - I can't wait!

1 - Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil £28

I have really been getting into oils recently and I've heard so much about this, claiming to be a lightweight but still very effective oil that can be used for face, body and hair. Gimme.

2 - Aroma-Perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel £14

With many breakouts I want to find a cleanser with more natural ingredients, proving to be  calming yet clarifying. It sounds like a great cleansing gel, being specially formulated for oily skin types. 

3 - Spa Candle £7

I love candles when having a bath or painting my nails and if this smells anything like the Huile Prodigieuse then it would be a relaxing candle indeed. Reviews I have read state that the smell fills the entire room, which is something I love in a candle when I'm trying to have a pamper evening. 

4 - Rêve de Miel stick £5.50

I have the pot of this and is one of my favourite products to get me through the winter but I can just imaging that in stick form, it would be incredibly practical. Living in London and using the Tube a lot means that clean hands aren't always a given, making stick lip balms a necessity! 

5 - Clarifying Cream Mask with Rose Petals - £18

I don't need to tell any of you about my oily and blemish-prone skin but I am constantly on the lookout for a clarifying mask to deeply cleanse my skin. This seems like a calming and natural mask that could do that for me- not forgetting the fact that it contains rose petals!

These would be my perfect items to use for a relaxing evening to get into the Spring mood, as well as prepping your skin - both face and body - for the months to come of (hopefully) sunshine and heat!

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