Friday, 13 September 2013

Effaclar K

I've only ever tried the Thermal Spring Water Spray from La Roche Posay, so when Escentual had their French Pharmacy sale on, I was quick to grab one of the Effaclar products!

Effaclar K is a micro-exfoliant, aimed for combination/oily skin. This is the description on the website:
Skin texture is smoothed, pores are tightened and unclogged. Imperfections are lastingly diminished. Skin is clearer, the complexion more radiant.

I do like the packaging and I like how hygienic the little nozzle is, but unfortunately the packaging doesn't make up for the actual product. 
First off, I'd just like to say how much I wanted to love this product and for it to live up to its expectations, however it did just the opposite. 

Over the first week I used it, I noticed that my nose was a little less oily, however what took me a while to notice was that all of the many spots I began to get were due to this. I got spots on my nose, chin and forehead, even on my cheeks- somewhere I had never got a spot before! Even skin I stopped using it the spots have been so persistent, taking much longer than usual to clear. 
It was good in the sense that it made my nose slightly less oily however it completely broke me out, so it's a definitely no-go for me.
So unfortunately this is a complete disappointment for me, I don't think I'll be delving into the Effaclar range again, or not for a while at least!

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