Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Getting Summer Ready With Scholl

Summer; the time for sun, sand and sandals. For most people it's the part of the year that is most looked forward to, myself included, but after months of wearing thick socks and boots, I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling less than prepared to bare my feet. And that is exactly where Scholl comes in, with a range of products to keep feet soft, fresh and summer ready!

Using this selection of products has more than prepared me to take on the more high maintenance shoe selection that balmy weather warrants. I know this isn't a particularly glamorous topic to tackle but, let's be honest, it's a pretty necessary one. We all know the pain of having had our feet cooped up in thick shoes for month so I certainly understand the pre-summer process to ensure happy feet!

 For me the first step in this foot care regime is making sure that all skin is soft and moisturised, as feet can tend to get neglected over the summer months. I've really enjoyed using the Scholl Express Pedi* and Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream* in conjunction with each other to give myself a home pedicure and rid my feet of any dry skin. The Express Pedi is great as the gently abrasive roller works to quickly get rid of dry skin and the Instant Recovery Cream is a nice softening cream which I even use on my elbows,  a notoriously dry area. Using these both together have just made me so much more confident to bare my feet and they certainly feel far more pleasant!

Onto the practicality of going out, the Party Feet Ultra Slim Invisible Gel Cushions* make for a far comfier time in wearing even your most painful of shoes. They slot in really easily, with this new design being meant to take up even less space than previous ones, and just stop any burning in the balls of your feet. They make long walks and nights in heels all the more comfortable and can even been reused,  so you can use them both in walking and dancing shoes! And for any shoes which need a bit of freshening up, the Fresh Step Shoe Spray* is a fantastic odour eliminator, making sure that all shoes stay as fresh smelling as possible. I spray this in whichever pair of shoes I'm wearing about half an hour before wearing them, just to avoid any wetness or transfer and then I'm good to go. 

I've found the range isn't all the easiest to get a hold of, not all available at the standard Boots/Superdrug but I can honestly say that it's worth the extra effort. I've enjoyed using these products to take care of my feet as we go into balmier months and certainly feel a bit more comfortable about taking on those naked-feeling sandals!

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