Friday, 14 November 2014

#giffgaffsnaps London Photography Walk

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining loads of lovely bloggers to embark on the London Photography Walk, a walk organised by the Joe Blogs Blogger Network in collaboration with giffgaff, Best LDN Walks and Made Simple. We met by the BFI IMAX in Waterloo and spent a great (but chilly) two hours making our way around London and snapping away while gawking at the beautiful nighttime views. 

Playing the "How many bloggers can you fit in a telephone box" game!

Phil from Made Simple made sure to give us handy photography tips along the way, letting us make the best of our iPhone cameras and feel more confident in our photography skills. The star of the show was our wonderful tour guide, Charlotte from Best LDN Walks. She was so funny and lovely, as well as bursting full of cool facts about London - I've lived in London almost all my life and thought I knew all there was to know but Charlotte's facts were so interesting! 
However my favourite part was definitely our stop on Leake Street, when we got a chance to make our mark on Bansky's graffiti tunnel! Armed with spray paint and loads of hashtags we got spray painting until we felt dizzy with the fumes - all jokes aside, it was a really cool experience and something I'll always remember.

A big thank you goes to giffgaff for the great evening and if you're interested in reading their blogpost then head on over to and have a read. I had such a lovely evening and really enjoyed seeing London in a new light, if you're looking for a cool way to spend your evening then I would really recommend Best LDN walks, they offer unique and enjoyable walks around London. 

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