Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Less is More: Homeoplasmine

Homeplasmine - £9.95
Continuing with the whole 'Less is More' theme, I'm onto a product that is well hyped up in the beauty industry- Homeoplasmine. I'd been after it for a while but at around £10 from BeautyMart I decided to wait until a relative took a trip over to France before getting my hands on it. My sister came back from Paris with this little baby in tow and it's been nothing but love since!

Homeoplasmine is far from a glamorous product, being a multi-purpose balm similar to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream but not as a) smelly b) sticky c) expensive! Its best uses are soothing skin irritation and restoring lips from their worst. This is by no means a fancy-shmancy product with fragrances and special packaging, but it is still a hell of a product!
My lips are generally in pretty good condition but a couple of weeks ago they suddenly went crazy; cracked, dry and painful. Nothing was working so I turned to this and it was a serious saviour. I applied a generous amount overnight and by the morning my lips were just as smooth as usual- no sign of flakiness here!

It has a very rich texture without being heavy, making it the perfect boost of intense hydration when needed. I would say that Homeoplasmine is a staple product that everyone should have in their skincare arsenal, whether it be for a touch of hydration on the go or as an intense cuticle saviour on a long haul flight (both things I've used it as). It's around £10 from most places in the UK but if you are lucky enough to be going to/know someone going to France then I would definitely try and get it from there, where it's roughly half the price!

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  1. This sounds great. My lips are in a sorry state right now so I need to find out how to get my mits on this.